Flippin' Freezing

Some of you will already be knee deep in snow and others will be waiting with dread or excitement for its promised arrival but we all need to keep warm.

Our snuggle rugs are selling well and following a recent conversation with a customer I thought I'd share something of the design and manufacturing process of my unique rugs with you.

As with most of my making, it starts with a trip to the charity shops often in a local Welsh seaside town, on the hunt for wool. Left over bits and bobs, half knitted jumpers etc. that might otherwise be heading for the dump.

I collect and colour match my finds until I can contain the idea for my latest design no more!

I have nearly finished my first all crocheted blanket in deep and swirling blues and azures, see the Gallery for photographs.

Some of the fun comes from combining the textures and the colours of the odds and bobs I've found and saved to make a yarn of the right hue and thickness to begin, then as one ball ends the challenge is selecting the right blended ball to come next.

Sometimes my collection doesn't have quite the right yarns to continue and the rug has to wait until my next find of just the right bits of wool.

Often the balls and part balls found in charity shops are of superb quality: alpaca, mohair, cottons and angora and when mixed with some 100% pure new wool and even some acrylic the richness and patterns of the resulting rugs are truly unique and absolutely beautiful.

My wool source and pure enjoyment of the making process means I can sell the finished items at very affordable prices.

Enough nattering, I'm off to do some knitting!

Best Wishes


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