Easter Holidays 2020

How unimaginably different life is from the last time I chattered  in Easter 2018.

Covid-19, lock down.

On the bright side the sun is shinning and at last I have time to tell you what's been happening at Crafts by the Sea!

As many of you know, we have moved from our tiny little shop on the Main Road in Ogmore by Sea, just 99 steps around the corner, to our fabulous Craft Centre on Church Close.

The shop is much, much bigger. Francine Davis has her own art Gallery currently exhibiting her stunning Icelandic paintings,  previously housed at the Icelandic Embassy, London.

Clare Revera of Welsh Baskets and Fran Rushworth  of Rich and Strange have their own studios and to complete this crafting hub, we have a workshop where drop in crafts for all ages and abilities are usually available.

I would like to say come and visit us soon, help yourself to tea, coffee and cake but you all know the mantra


                stay home, protect our NHS, save lives.

Given that I have time on my hands, my plan over the next few weeks is to try and share some photographs of the bits and bobs we have been making while socially isolating.  You will find them in our gallery.


Best wishes,



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