Just get on with it!

Mad middle aged woman let loose with a typewriter.  Of course I meant keyboard/pc.. 


Enough thinking, talking and worrying about doing it, I'm just going to take the plunge and do it, just get on with it and write a blinking blog.

Warning: probably best not to read on if under the age of 40, over the age of 60 or one of my daughters but everyone else feel free to continue as I prattle away about life as a chattering crafter/crafty chatterer.

The week is going well (Monday morning), I managed to remember my mouse and successfully logged in at the coffee shop to continue developing the Crafts By The Sea website (thanks daughters for the hardwork , hopefully I haven't mucked it up too badly so far.)

The "homepage" and "about us" is, I think accurate and I've started editing the gallery but got stuck so will have to wait to continue with that until my IT support gets back from their day of education.

Flushed with success it was time to visit my favourite charity shop to drop some stuff off and just have a little look at what they'd got.

More wooden building blocks, parts of an old toy train, a large teak bowl, bargain broken beads, a picnic hamper and some beautiful vintage drinking glasses were among my finds, so its time to unpack the car and hide it all away before putting the finishing touches to some sheep and valentine cards.

That reminds me,  we have some fantastic valentine gifts and cards arriving in the shop this week.  My next challenge is to photograph some of them and upload the images (I'm learning the language)............... watch this space!

Best wishes C.C.