The End of a Wet Beginning.

This week is not going as well as last.

Today's Wednesday, 2 days later than planned for my second blog and no uploaded new images but it has been so wet.

I don't know about you but the rain and the dark sap my energy and erase my enthusiasm. 


The good thing is though that I've taken to comfort knitting and Francine (see "Artists") has taken to comfort crocheting and the results are several new snuggle rugs, the grown up equivalent of the comfort blanket,  in all sorts of exciting colours and designs. 


I am going to attempt to photograph them and all being well will upload the images later.............

Thursday 5pm:

Success 5 new images of just some of our beautiful snuggle rugs.  You'll find them in our gallery!

All being well I'll be back on Monday with some snaps of our valentines gifts.

Have a fun weekend.